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 Dχ» vs. H@ (Holy @ngelz)(War 1)

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PostSubject: Dχ» vs. H@ (Holy @ngelz)(War 1)   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:16 pm

H@ are a really sporty and nice clan. They played peacefully and had a lot of fun with us. It wasn't really about winning in this war and that was a first. GG's H@; You guys have won our respect.



Leroy: 141 Points
Matt: 56 Points
DFlames: 46 Points


Loftyz: 113 Points
Stick: 23 Points
TV: 40 Points

GG's to all who played and despite the competitiveness, we all managed to have some fun.
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Dχ» vs. H@ (Holy @ngelz)(War 1)
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